[SPOILERS] Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin Episode 1-9 Discussion

This anime has being one of my favorite anime this season …

This scene from the 1st episode hooked me up to this anime

Solork is like Lelouch from code geass but the lazy kind :joy:

the episodes up until now has being grate and i was really sad that Kanna died … :sob:

funny moments in 9th episode :joy:

hope this meaningless war will end in next episode …

wat about u all ? thoughts ?

Ahh yes, I was wondering if no one was watching Alderamin cause it’s pretty good as of now… Too bad it has only 13 eps, but wonder if they’ll announce it’s split cours at the end :grin::ok_hand:

Yatori is OP :two_hearts::purple_heart::heart:
And the ed by Kano is awesome :ok_woman:t3:


Ya hope it gets another season … cuz its too good to end in just 13 episodes …

and ya YATORI is OP as fuk only physically i guess but SOLORK is OP in strategy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and therefor Yatori x Solork :heart: :cupid: would be a great couple and i think they already are

I doubt they’ll get together :grin: their relationship seems far deeper and stronger than that of lovers to me, so I sorta like their current relationship :grin:

On another note
"A hero or a lonely warrior"
//dies laughing

ahaahah solork is a milf playboy and a hero :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Lolol that’s really great tho cause I’ve been sick of the virgin protagonists bwahahaha xD

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ahaha so damn true :joy::joy: playboy protagonist in anime is really a change i needed too :smile: xD

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i wonder whats gonna be the relation of princess and him at the end… well im rooting for solorkXyatori <3

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ya in the song they show solork and princess holding hands or something …

same here rooting for yatori x solork :two_hearts:

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but they end the op with the princess tho :thinking::confused:

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ya thats wat i mean … maybe solork becomes her personal knight ?? or solork and princess becomes a couple ??

maybe one of these will happen …

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i guess it means that finally solork agree to serve the emperor… and he becomes general of the army or something and marries yatori… all happy :stuck_out_tongue: