[SPOILERS] Mob Physco 100 - Episode 7 Discussion

Discussion of episode 7. Spoilers in the comments

Wooooooo. What an episode.

It breaks my heart watching Ritsu go down this dark path. His char development is very interesting to see.

Also, we get to see a bit more of the Adult esper, in the preview i think we see him punch throgh Mob’s barrier.

and good ol’ Dimple is back!

Ryugen is the best conman, no competition xD
But the real hero is Bro from the body improvement club. 10/10 bro level <3

keks for days


holy fek yes.cant wait till the next ep

was a pretty interesting episode.it showed how power can push a good person into the darkest corner.

and this conman scene kekeke was amusing

Lol yup, I loved Reigen there haha xD saved Mob for once! And the ending… can’t wait for the next ep :smiley:

Side note: Shiro T Poison is a bad ass name lol

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wow mob psycho 100 became really awesome after this episode !!

Can`t wait for next epi !!!

and the name of the schools was so funny :joy::joy: all were named after FOOD ahahahhaa

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It IS set in Seasoning city, right? :smile:

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ahaha ya :joy: :joy: just wat we expect from OPM creator giving ridiculous names to cities and schools