[SPOILERS] Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA 3rei! -Episode 11 discussion

(this thread contains spoilers read at your own risk)
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am totally fangirling right now. Finally archer shirou fights!!
loved every second of it,

wew Sakuralot is somewhat messed up i must say.

i hear some manga readers are dissapointed,I havent read teh manag.but im pretty happy with wt theyve done.imo it was a solid episode.

umm is this the continuation of fate/stay night : unlimited blade works ???

@Honesty its in the FATE universe (same as fate stay night) but this is a different story.watch it .it sorta starts as a joke kek but it gets dark and action packed as it goes.iifbu r a fate fan this is teh animu for u.

PS: It hez lolies and Yuri :wink:

that just made me rethink whether to watch it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: cuz i hate lolisss :stuck_out_tongue:

since it is not essential can i skip it ?? the main characters are females … thats the main reason not to watch it for me that is :stuck_out_tongue:

@Honesty That was pretty much my thoughts exactly at first.but I just tried it.and its good.it has shirou and stuff too it gets pretty serious .just look at the pics I’ve uploaded above does it look like lolishit to u?

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Damn this is what I’ve been waiting for. S\hirou finally joins the frenzy! He’s still not as strong as heroic spirit archer but damn its good to see him back in actiion in the fate universe.
The fight where Shirou and Kuro worked together was awesome! Got goosebumps watching that!
Yandere Sakura… I feel like they’re hinting Heavens feel.

I can see why they’re dissapointed. Apparantly the battles were much longer and more intense in the manga. Found these two pannels on reddit:

it was perfectly fine for us non manga watches but I gotta admit that those two panels look way more badass than what happened in the fight in the anime.

Still an epic episode though, especially that last EKUSUCARIBAAAA

hmm ya it seems to have action … well i will look into it … no anime to watch these days anyway :stuck_out_tongue: