[SPOILER] Shokugeki no soma : ni sara Episode 8 Discussion

Anyone excited about the finals ?? SOma`s gonna win right ???


kek, ive read the manga but wont spoil.just prepare Uranus for teh exciting final

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I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long final maybe 2 episodes ,i could be wrong. But why do i get the feeling it’s not gonna be a easy win :joy:

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Pretty glad to see that Soma is finally getting some strong competition. In MOST of the battles he went through so far, his win felt a bit too “easy”.

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dam finish it in 1 episode plzz don`t want to wait another week for the next one :confounded:

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At this point it’s pretty obvious how the match will go down :joy:

  • Kurokiba and Hayama begin by having an edge
  • Match proceeds with Kurokiba and Hayama still having an edge
  • Towards the end Soma seems to have gotten an edge over them
  • Kurokiba and Hayama serve their dishes and judges are blown away
  • Soma serves his dish and then wins
  • Everyone learns importance of cooking with love

I love this anime but it’s getting fairly obvious how each match will turn out for Soma. The only time I’m left wondering whether someone will win or lose is when someone other than Soma fights in a shokugeki :sweat:

See that’s kinda what i meant , I don’t think it’s gonna go down like that this time…or at the very least it might be something like Soma is about to lose and it ends on a cliffhanger till the next episode. Also don’t just throw out the possibility that he could lose the match. Think about it just case you lose the battle doesn’t mean you have lost the war :smirk::grin:

@DrCarrot peeps r in for a big surprise next episode

@evilkeil shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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ok it seems that u know something upsetting is going to happen … anyway today the epi is coming so gonna wait for it :stuck_out_tongue: