[SPOILER] [Dragonball Super] Do you really think Zamasu is black?

How many of you think Zamasu is Goku black? i have been paying attention to what black saying from start to until now.

  1. Goku fought zamasu and said. power level similar but, not exact same as black.
  2. Black know beerus.
  3. Black once said when time ring sucked him into future forcefully. “Son Goku Universe strongest”.

Then. here some of things in recent episode.

HAVE A CLOSE LOOK AT ZAMASU AND HIGH PRIEST. They have very similar look. We have seen in many anime how evil the guy who acts so kind and soft :joy: those two really have something to do with black.

Please tell me about your thoughts.

Episode 56. More reasons Zamasu can’t be black :stuck_out_tongue: