So i saw this on my news feed! :D


Cosplay scene is blooming in Sri Lanka! Kudos to those who are inovlved :slight_smile:


wats the name of the sinhala paper ?


i have no clue! just saw it in the cosplay group >.<


lol i saw it in geek club as well and they also haven`t mentioned the paper as well …


Should ask the guy who posted it!


@Honesty @GanjaNinja so apparently it was Dinamina.


Yay , Im there :smile:


who are u cosplaying as anyway a street thug ?? :joy::joy:


Carrot was a Japanese delinquent. It was a street thug in a way… :joy:


Yes . Sorta XD. A biker gang high school delinquent !


so u entered the original cosplay category ?


Yep yep. I thought I had a chance…until Harambe showed up…


Lol harambe was hilarious but i think urs is badass and cool :laughing:


It was interesting because of the fact it was full #titsout.


Lol.Now that’s some hashtag


finally we are on news :stuck_out_tongue: there were many good cosplayers though:)


Your orochimaru cosplay was really damn cool. Did you make the sword yourself?


Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah :smiley: I make everything myself…flak jacket ,pants ,long sleeved T-shirt , head band everything was done at home :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant!! Did you stitch them yourself?


i had my mom help me with machine parts but since shes been scolding me lately ive started doing stiching parts myself :stuck_out_tongue: but mostly it was done by her :slight_smile: