Sketch It Out People!

Like to doodle your favorite characters and anything related to anime/manga or other animations ? Post it here.

Here are some of my artwork from around 2000’s till now :slight_smile:

Would love to see yours too! ^^


woah theres are great stuff :heart_eyes:

Thank you :slight_smile: share yours too if you have any :slight_smile:

well i sketch on my notebooks every now and then but i’ve never done any digital sketching actually :slight_smile: this is the one i drew recently :3


great stuff!! i haven’t watched Re:Zero yet doe, have heard great things about it :slight_smile:

its pretty darn sick…defa watch it ! hey btw do u use a drawing tablet ? cuz ur stuff are too perfect if u say u drew em with a mouse xD

Yes i use a tablet. And like 2 of the above are drawn using mouse as well :3 One time my old tablet broke so i had to go and try out new things, ended up sketching using the mouse for like 6-8 months :smiley:

woah tokyo ghoul one is epic man !!1

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Hey Guys!

Here is some of my oooold stuff ! Since it is very rarely shared.

started trying out digital

And here are a couple of recent ones that i love <3

i have onlly posted the anime related ones.
check out the rest at



go work for a manga publishing company ur wasting ur talents here in sri lanka :smile: :smile:

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Ah, I draw too!! :smiley: Gonna upload just a few tho, I have them all on my phone and I’m lazy to get them onto my PC again orz

BTW, be an artist and you can ship yourself with the characters lolol authorxchara ships ftw //shot