Shokugeki no souma ni no sara episode 11 Discussion

well next episode is it !!!

i don`t want it to end … such a good anime !! it showed me cooking is soo cool !!!

if season 3 doesn`t come i am reading the manga !! FUK THE PRODUCERS !!!

well, we still have to see the dad vs son battle and the anime is pretty popular, so i’m pretty sure S3 will come.

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well hope soo !!! and next episode is gonna be epic too !! his own specialty !!

If my memory serves me right a Dad vs son didn’t happen in the manga yet .
but I really wanted to see the elite 10 in the animu .sigh.I was hoping they’d show it this season :confused:

pray for next season !!! i also want to see the ten seats SOO BADLY !!

really? :open_mouth:
well i’d love to see the 10 seats :smiley: