Sanji from One Piece

True the face came out a bit different. I think its the size of his face that I didn’t get. First time colouring something in, hoping for some feedback on that mostly. :blush:


cool stuff…make sure you do the shading correctly cuz that’s how you give the 3d feeling to a 2d picture… :slight_smile:

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Ooh! Pretty good :slight_smile:
Did you use a reference image?

Try using different types of paper and pens. Maybe even color pencils!

Keep it up

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Shading is the only thing I need to learn. :blush:

Thank you! :blush:

Yup this is the image.
I tried angling it but didn’t work so I had to improvise to make it a straight face.

The shirt is actually from some graph pens I had at home and the hair is by colour pencils. :blush:

Thanks again :slight_smile: