Rules and Regulations was created to represent the anime community of Sri Lanka. This website allows users to have their freedom. However, rules are essential for every community. They are not meant to bind or limit you, but to help keep it safe in addition to having wholesome, intellectual discussions (and waifu wars).

1. Respect

Every member is entitled to their own opinion. Disagreeing should be done in a polite manner, without insulting another member. Don’t comment on a thread to show your dislike for the genre, if you don’t like it, move on.

If you’re being harassed by another member, please do not hesitate to inform a member of the staff. We value everyone’s welfare and opinions.

2. Quality discussion

Stick to more than one - two sentences for discussions. If it is just trivial conversation irrelevant to the title of the post, stick to the chat function.
Always tag spoilers even if it is more than ten years old.
Spoilers are tagged as follows:

[spoiler] This is a spoiler [/spoiler]
Then it will appear like this: This is a spoiler

No one wants to get their favourite anime/manga spoiled, so we will be enforcing this rule strictly!

3. Links

Links to direct downloading, torrent and streaming websites are ONLY allowed in the thread "Direct downloads, streaming and Nyaa links’’ created in the General category. Please make use of the chat function to send specific links to other users if requested, and do not post them in any other thread.


Do not repost. Always check if there is a similar topic created in the forum before starting a new one. No one likes reposts!

##5. NSFW content

Posting NSFW images/videos or links leading NSFW websites is strictly prohibited. This is an anime/manga forum, for adult content, refer to another.
However, we are not trying to restrict users, as ecchi content from genres such as harem etc is permitted. For example, posting fanservice screenshots of non adult anime and manga is acceptable but the users MUST give a warning that their post will contain NSFW material at the beginning of their post.
Meanwhile, the admins will be working on a new NSFW tag to make things easier.

Admins and Moderators are a part of the community as much as you are. We work to ensure this place is in check and to make sure the rules are being followed. Please help us in this task by reporting anything you think that violates the rules above.
We have to work together to keep this place nice and clean for everyone.

That’s all folks. Follow the rules and enjoy your stay!