Regarding the issue of the forum's (user) inactivity

I’ve noticed the forum’s inactivity since i joined 20 days ago. And i think that is a serious problem for the new members here ; especially the one’s who don’t have a FB account - though I’ve heard about the official FB group of this site, I don’t want to have to create a FB account just to be a part of a certain community.

There are a lot of anonymous accounts and “anonymous accounts” are considered “fake accounts” by the FB and it’s strictly against their rules. So creating a FB account is completely out of the question.

I can’t say why some people; myself included, show reluctance toward creating a legit FB account as the reasons differ from person to person. But having to create an FB account just to be a part of a community, by my strands, is “asking too much”
(Similar to the “console exclusivity” but i won’t go into details of that as it’s not directly related to this topic)

Keeping all that in mind, i propose you; the mods and admins of this site , Discord.
And i don’t think an introduction is necessary because there are very active SL based discord servers and i think it’s a better way to keep the community “alive” , so to speak.

Forums are great, but only with active members in them. And i think we can agree that this forum is pretty much deserted right now. So i urge you; the staff of this site, to consider creating a discord server just for the members.

Thank you for reading,
And have a good day.


Appreciate your feedback. We do have a plan for discord in the future :wink:

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