Currently obsessed with utaite stuff… Mostly vocaloid covers,
Best utaites - REOL, 96NEKO, MARiA, Wotamin, nano, nanahira
Best vocaloid - Megurine Luka


Do you remember the genre or pace of it? I can probably search it up :smile:


WAAAH SO MANY OF MY FAVS TOO :smiley: :smiley:
If I would add any that would be Kano, 7!!, 9nine, Aoi Eir, Brian, EGOIST (Egoist is damn love), Haruna Luna, Luck Life, nano, Garnidelia, MYTH & ROID, SID and Tia, and oh, Sekai no Owari (was that the band uh… anyway, Fukase <3)… I guess? Waah, there’s so many that I don’t even remember them all…

And as for Vocaloid HachiojiP and kz would be my favourites <3 Ahh, there’s HoneyWorks too :smiley:


We have most in common :3


EGOIST and SuperCell are the same folks, they released the Guilty Crown music under the name Egoist :smiley: I totally forgot to add Haruna Luna, Gardinellia and Nano! You have good tastes haha. Fun fact Tia is the current vocalist of SuperCell.


Haha thank youu :slight_smile: Ahh, I just refer to them separately 'cause Chelly and Ryo are in EGOIST and Ryo alone is in supercell (plus the artists orz), and supercell has Miku, Nagi and Tia and other people doing vocals for them xD

And now that I remember, I have to mention Aimer too!!! She was effin awesome with Chelly in the Kabaneri ed… uh Ninelie was it <3 <3 <3


Wow man we have very similar tastes. Have you Gekidou by UVERworld. They are a really good band and there’s this singer known as kradness who does some sweet edm style songs and I don’t even like edm haha


kradness with REOL is the the best…