So any good J Rock/pop recommendations. So far I am hitting up The Gazette, One OK rock and amazarashi

My personal favourite J Rock (I think) is Tenohira by Hero. The guiter part always gets me hyped up :blush::blush::blush:

Thanks a lot man. I’ll definitely check it out. If you are interested in J Pop you can check out this song called Wave.there are many versions and the best version for me was by niki and some other dude. It has this damn epic intro.

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Yuppp Wll do :smile: Most of the Fairy Tail opening have a nice ring to it. :blush:

“Hello sleepwalkers” and “amazarshi” are 2 great bands incase u r interested in J rock.try em out if u haven’t already

Anyone like nano.RIPE? I actually like them.

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Yusss .I too like em. :3

Sambomaster, Home Made Kazoku, Monkey Majik, Perfume, Capsule, M-Flo, Halcali, Nujabes, Radwimps. These are some of my favourite artists/ bands. Check them all out if you can :slight_smile:

Yeah I am a huge lover of amazarashi they have this real melancholic feel

Haha I am a huge fan on nano. Nevereverland and No pain, no game are my favorites

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Wow man thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them all out.

Anyone here try out vocaloid music?

I like Vocaloid, but I don’t normally collect Vocaloid songs. But I really like the IA Vocaloid.

Have you heard Outer Science?
Oh have you heard of reol btw. She’s a really great singer

Dude I know. There’s this one opening I think it was nine or 11.that was my personal fave

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I have over 1000 vocaloid tracks :smiley: I stopped collecting in 2012 because I couldn’t find any good tracks that I liked after that year. kz (livetune), Deco*27, ぽわぽわP, Dixie Flatline, Supercell and daniwell are some of my favourite artists :smiley:

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Kokuhaku from supercell is beautiful ;;.
Dude you should check out this song called Wave. Theres a lot of versions of it with the best being found on this singer Reols channel. It was a song from Lily originally.
So you got a fave vocaloid?
Mine would be gumi

No favourite vocaloid. Everyone can sound great depending on the artist using her/him :slight_smile:

Omg just ran into this vocaloid track. I’m in love with it. This is why I love vocaloud music so much :smiley:

Asian Kung-fu Generation is love. I can’t believe I forgot to mention them :smiley:

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A fellow Gumi fan? Your tastes are awesome man :wink:
Gumi and Miku are my favourite vocaloids followerd by Luka and the Rin and Len duo.

From Non vocaloid music my favouites are
the brillaint green
L’arc en ciel
One Ok Rock (the old stuff)
Hello Sleep Walkers
Nagi Yanagi
Asian Kung-fu Generation

I’m pretty sure I’m missing some.

From anime bands:

Houkago Tea Time
Yuru Yuri cast

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