Recommend me some good Sci Fi mystery anime

So I’ve been following Occult:Nine this season and totally fell in love with the genre all over again . Made me remember how much I love Stein’s;Gate, Robotics;Notes and the likes. So I’ve been wondering if there are more of this genre.
I’ve also watched the first few episodes of Ghost in the shell Stand Alone Complex and though it fits my bill the cast isn’t as up beat as I’d like them to be (all though I will still probably end up binging it all)
Oh and please look at my mal completed list to see what I’ve already watched
Thanks guys.
EDIT: oh and also manga/LNs/VNs are also welcomed

Hmmm… Ergo Proxy, Evangelion, Texhnolyze, Dennou Coil, Psycho Pass, and maybe Guilty Crown.

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Watched all of them except Texhnolyze, Texhnolyze looks very dark so I’ve bee avoiding it…Is it worth a watch?

Hmmm… It’s very similar to Ergo Proxy, I think you should give it a try but it is sort of slow , 20 mins feels like an hour.

this may be too late and you’ve probably watched most of these but, monster (slow pace), serial experiment lain (blind sugesion), tokyo ghoul (awesome music, animation and story at least in the first season), higurashi no naku koro ni aka when they cry (must watch if you haven’t), deadman wonderland (this one is bad but its watchable) and parsyte the maxim (epic).

Guilty Crown , Tokyo Ghoul , Owari no Seraph …are the best @ the moment .

guilty crown’s good !!!

Guilty crown is not a good sci fi. The Anime gets overwhelmed with drama and the sci fi components becomes nonsense (well they’re nonsense to begin with)
For a sci fi anime I’d recommend Akira, Ghost in the shell movie (1995), Shinsekai Yori, Psycho Pass, Gantz (if you love gore alot), Gundam 00, Planètes, Eve no Jikan, Moyashimon (really educational too), Darker than black, Legend of the Galactic Warriors, Bokurano, Subeta ga F Ni naru, Casshern Sins (very dystopian), Aria the animation, Desert Punk (f***in hilarious), Uchuu Kyoudai, Kaiba.

I think this much would suffice for now.

Hey you have watched a lot of old anime. got any recommendations besides the stuff above because ive watched most of those.

Hmmm let’s see
Galaxy train 999 (I’ve watched only few episodes because the Anime can be cringy for modern viewers)
Space battleship yamato (live action is good btw)
Lupin the third
Captain Harlock
Inuyasha (not sci fi)
SDF Macross
Sky crawlers (4 years or 5 years old I guess)
Bubblegum crisis
Area 88 (there’s an ova for this too)
Armored troops Votoms
Gundam Zeta
Black jack (mostly read the manga)
Space Runaway Iden
Reckless Captain Tyler (not sure about the name)
Barefoot Gen
Royal space force wings of Honnesmise (really good but there’s a controversial scene)
Nausica the valley of the wind

Thanks this list has some anime that i haven’t watched, definitely will check them out, thanks man. :smile:
on an unrelated note have you watched the spin-off Lupin the Third : A Woman Called Fujiko Minene??

Not really though. However I’m planning to binge some old Anime later on.

You definitely should i think its the best lupin spinoff ever!!!

Also the “one scene” you mention was weird as f*ck.
But still was a good movie #royalrapeforce

Oh I see you watched Royal Space Force and yeah that’s the usual criticism the movie receives. Of course I can’t condone something atrocious as rape but the truth to be told there’s no ‘pure hearted character’ in the movie. The movie goer has to see and learn about each and every character’s fallacies objectively without giving into quick judgements.

True also i think that people make snap decisions when it come to things like rape, regardless of story and plot because thats what society expects them to do. While i myself don’t promote rape it is something that is commonly found in anime (especially hentai). so i believe the average person might find it repulsive due to the lack of rape scenes on western movies giving movies such as royal space force, and anime in general, a bad rap.

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Well hentai is produced to ‘give pleasure’ for the audience. There are people with various kinds of fetishes. Unfortunately ‘rape’ or engaging in sexual activity without consent is also a genre in hentai. Aside that, movies like wings of Honnesmise were directed in a time where sexism is an established fact in Anime and the japanese society. The sexual assault scene was abrupte by a kick in Shiro’s face showed off a goofy reaction in the character when he realized he was doing something wrong. It seems this particular scene does reflect how something like sexual assualt is treated as trivial in order for the sake of plot. And for the aforementioned fact that japanese society was less conscious of such reprehensible actions. well I’m not going to rant alot about the japanese society and it’s obliviousness to sensitive subjects such as rape.

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While i agree with most of your opinions above i do not understand your underlying point. Also regarding hentai i was talking about hentai that is not much about fan-service. While most hentai and doujinshi found these days may fall into the your definition and is solely fan service there are other hentai that try to weave a more intricate plot. One such example is “Layers of White” in which we can conclude that the protagonist is going trough repeated reverse-rape. And this on other hand is taken favorably by the general demographic but if the scene consisted of a woman/girl being raped, said work would probably not have as much of an following as it does now. So i believe that rape in anime and manga shouldn’t be used to judge anime and manga as whole or should be taken seriously when it is an important plot decive.