Questionnaire to help me get an idea of what merchandise to get down


Hi Guys,

Am getting down a few figures down through a friend. Just fill in the questionnaire to help me get an idea of what I should get down.

visit my page on to look of for the stuff I get down. I will also post it on the site.

Anime Figures & Collectibles in Sri Lanka


I guess I’m part of the “None of Above” people. :sweat_smile:
inb4 being called a freeloader, I have a figure of Shinobu from Bakemonogatari.


oh am sorry i’ll add an others tab so you can suggest if you like anything other than the list


Sena/Kobato from Haganai
Rem from ReZero
Maki/(or any LL girl) from Love Live!
Tony figure series for Vocaloids
Anything from K-ON!