Places to buy cosplay stuff

As the topic says, this thread will be for people who are interested in buying materials and other related stuff for cosplays and props. Following link will direct you to a Facebook group document of Sri Lankan Cosplay. (Doc will be getting updated, hence thought of not point of posting the same bunch of text here as well )

Link : Places to buy cosplay stuff


If anyone knows a good place to get a samurai helmet locally please tell

I don’t think there are cosplay shops in srilanka.
Oh and I was willing to ask that can I buy cosplay and manga stuff in the comicon

I’ve never been to a comicon before and I’m willing to participate this year and i really wanna cosplay but I dont have material to do it so can i buy em at the comicon?

go to the group directed in the thread… ask your question there, members will help you out :slight_smile:

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