OMG! ITS OUT! Kimi no na wa!

Just finished watching the movie. It was a masterpiece !!! what do you guys think? i mean the one’s who have already watched it?

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have a good download link?

only have a 720p online stream link via kiss anime.

if you like here you go

i checked it out but even the 720p seems pixelated. its kind of a waste to watch something of that quality like that :smiley:

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It did the job for me, i enjoyed it! you better wait for another week or two for some better quality then. :smiley:

It’s not 720p. It’s (poorly) upscaled DVD then.

yeah i guess it is. wonder when the bluray is out

i’d freaking wait an eon for the bd :heart_eyes: #nevergiveup xD

No BDMV yet… :frowning:
Never watch a film by Shinkai Makoto less than a BD quality.

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gonna wait for a BD then :smiley:

Seems like we might have to wait at least till December to get BD release. :cry:

Is this thing deprrssing like ur lie in april. Pls tell i need to knw

It is depressing but in a more realistic sense. More about long distance and relationships.

This 720p is upscaled.
Fuck. I wish THORA was still active. Their rips of Garden of Words and 5cm were top notch.

did anyone feel like u needed more in the end ???

like after asking there names at the train station i wanted to see them kiss and stuff :cry:

But I think the end gave us some kind of hope, that they will talk to each other at least. Imagine never meeting someone who gave you so much to remember.

Also the end is really nice especially the way it ended because they brought out the movie title.

I would have been even more depressed. THANK GOD THEY DIDNT DO IT.

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