Nyaa is gone. Alternatives and after thoughts

As most of you might have noticed by now, the largest japanese media torrent site that catered for the international community is dead. The owner deleted the domain itself ;( Hence, we, especially being from SL where most legal streams are not available, are in for some dark times…

Why was it deleted?
From what we know, the main reason is some new anti-piracy laws that were newly passed in the EU which made the owner found concerning.

But, but… where will I download all my high quality anime from now?
Fear not, most fan subbers use their own trackers so if you can find the names of the fan subbers who are subbing a series you should be able to download it off their website, Unless ofcourse they’ve become obselete or they were totally depending on Nyaa.

https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/ is a full back up of nyaa.se before it went offline so it should techincally contain ALL of nyaa (althoug new content can’t be added since it’s an archive). According to reddit, as long as people seed, the torrents should stay active but how this works when all of nyaa’s exclusive trackers are offline is beyond me.

You can also try tokyotosho.info, it might not be as pretty as nyaa and most of its torrents are nyaa mirrors but since most fan subs use independent trackers you should be able to download the torrents using magnet links.

Also, according to horriblesubs some people are already planning on making a nyaa replacement. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes!

Share more info/alternate ways before guys, so we can get through this together!


We can always use download anime from XDCC bot via IRC. But i guess it’s not a method for the fainthearted… :smiley_cat:

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okay one of these days I’m gonna bomb the EU really -_-

Well for now Horrible Subs has there magnet links running, that’s better than nothing…and hopefully the new nayaa site should be up within a few weeks :pensive:

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Well, there’s now the others that competed with nyaa too.

  1. https://www.tokyotosho.info
  2. https://anidex.info
  3. https://animetosho.org (which creates DDL mirrors from both of them)

As for me, I’m using usenet. It’s more complicated than xdcc, but works the same as torrents in a way.

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rule one of usenet don’t talk about usenet

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Nyaa is not gone. nyaa.si is there :thinking: