Noragami Season 3?

2017 is unveiled… Do you guys have any promising news about the release of season 3 of Noragami? :disappointed_relieved: I binged both seasons yesterday and got to realize that there is no season 3 :sweat:
Off topic : What is your favorite Noragami moment?

Any moment with Hiyori is a favourite moment. But I might need to rewatch it to find a truly favourite moment.

Also am I the only one who like Nora ? (maybe because of KugiRie :heart_decoration: ).

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the manga is still ongoing and sill quite popular,so we will probably get a season 3

thank god :3 might as well move to the manga now…

almost every badass male anime character is voiced by a female xD, Nora is epic because he just zones out from “i killed a whole clan” to an innocent dude…

My favourite moment of Noragami is when Yato got rid of Nora for good.

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But I actually liked Nora. As a drama-creating character, not as a person.

She’s more of a villain who wants to seduce Yato back to his subservient years as a killer.

To be honest, I wanted to see Yato go on a killing spree -.- Goddamnit

Ok, the truth is the only reason I like her is because of her seiyuu, KugiRie.