Naruto Episode 476 and 477 Discussion

Well thought naruto would end these episodes … guess i was wrong …:sob: THANK GOD !! I DON`T WANT NARUTO TO END !!

i think i will most probably end in next episode … not sure though …

##Naruto`s last rasengan attack was the awesomest part for me in the epi

Maybe i was wrong this is the best >> kinda edited though


still couldnt top naruto vs pain fight >.> :’)


ya no fight is better than that :stuck_out_tongue: its the pinnacle of fights :stuck_out_tongue:

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Only regreat is that bastard sasuke had to get his and narutos arm blown to understand reality. Damn it i realy wanna hit him

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well sasuke is the pinnacle of stubbornness :sunglasses:

I realy feel like kicking his ass but well the guy makes thungs fun in his own way

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