is down :( do you know any good alternatives?


Sorry to trouble you with this kind of silly trivial matter, but could you guys recommend me an anime site where I could watch anime hassle free. most of the site google shows me are filled with shady pop up adds and doesn’t seem to be in HD. and are pretty annoying to use.


That’s the thing. Since most free anime streaming sites are illegal, they use the shady practices of popups to earn a lot of money. The only free legal anime streaming site I know is Crunchyroll, but the collection streaming in Asia is meager. As for the “other” streaming sites sometimes it would help to install a popup blocker to reduce the intrusive ads. Else you can resort back to torrenting :slightly_smiling_face:.


do you know of any lesser shady sites? too had some popups and stuff but the interface and video quality were good. so basically, I’m willing to put up with some popups if the site has an option to change the video quality.

they are not letting me watch it how cruel :sob::sob::sob:


is there anything better than 9anime and kissanime. possibly one that has MKV files so I don’t have to suffer through buffering :slight_smile:


I found this site.

which is good enough :slight_smile:
also this list

hope someone will find this useful. and long live whichever form or shape it takes in the future :slight_smile:


Animepahe is good since is down. And it is better than 9anime, kissanime and gogoanime.


thanks, it seems better :slight_smile: