Making Sri Lanka More Moe and recruiting more Otaku


new version with alk logo more prominent. What do you guys think?
If like me you can’t see the preveiw click the image to see it.

P.S. if anyone wants the full res poster for printing p.m. me


Yo today was the first day of that event I had put up two A2 posters. Let’s see how it goes


Soory for the late reply but. Good luck!!! :smile::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


How about having a weekly/monthly anime? an admin can create a topic each week or month. of course, no one will have to rewatch it, just discuss what they like and dislike.

Also promoting the forum on the FB page (once), and asking people to share it on a certain day.


Yeah that’s sounds like an good idea (plus re-watching some anime won’t hurt anyone). Also adding on to your comments i think that if everyone promoted the forum at least once on their individual fb pages we are likely to get some new members in the least.


Aye!!! Mates
I think that’s a great idea


Hear that admins???
Weekly/monthly anime would be nice :+1:


Lol I never thought there is an anime forum for Sri Lankan anime/manga lovers until i just searched on facebook.


This is a great idea! I will impliment it tomorrow. We’ll have it on every Friday if that works for everyone?
Also nice poster :slight_smile: Hopefully this will spread the word.
PS: Plot twist, the admins are actually from CERN and you are all just test subjects in a large scale experiment :smiling_imp:


I suspected this. Hear that everyone ? This world is headed towards a dystopia . Damn you CERN!!! :middle_finger:


yes, let’s create an awesome recruitment post and share it on a single day with a link. that’ll be a movement like thing on a smaller scale :slight_smile: also, how about some lists to get the new recruits started. like some anime and manga that will make them want to watch more.


you guys are all hardcore fans with your naruto and Steins Gate lines, which makes moe loving noobs like me like this


Great silver1704 let’s do it!
Also give us more details about the operation
El Psy Kongroo!!


The committee of 300 illuminati they are all u guys ain’t that right CERN? :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


Guys today is the third day of the event and today I’m handing out flyers designed by kuro_shinigami tm


I think what @CatInATeacup said is a great idea we should hace some lists like “10 must-watch anime for newcomers” or something like that so that newcomers to the website aren’t put off by the posts by more hardcore fans and i think we as a community should be more accepting of newcomers by not discriminating against no. of animes watched and ect.


Kay will u do it? Make a 10 must watch anime list I mean!


Kay ill make one tonight :slight_smile:


Guys please help me to join the FB groupe . I sent a request but it still hasnt accepted yet.


Same here I sent one a few days ago