Making Sri Lanka More Moe and recruiting more Otaku

If the anime IS popular enough, then yea. i think that’s a good idea

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Yeah obviously i think three people talking about a niche anime they watched kind of defeats the purpose :smile:

how about a vote then

Yah a vote would do the trick

Does anyone know how to do it ??

how about this


Why FB only? Why not use other social media like Instagram or G+ to spread the love? Not all people are on FB you know.

Yep that is true…

So how are we gonna do this poll does anyone have any idea??

let’s ask people to suggest some anime that they think most people here have already watched (since we don’t have many active people) and an admin can collect them and make a poll.

here are mine
Akatsuki no Yona, Angel Beats, Claymore, Nana, Umaru-can, Oregairu, Tokyo Ravens, K-on, Akame Ga Kill, Anohana

Also, we could do hot topics (දැවෙන ප්‍රශ්ණ) like why does everyone hate “slice-of-nothing”, does liking the monster girls make you a bad person etc LOL :smiley:


OK so mine are,
Steins;Gate, oregairu, oreimo, anohana, Re;Zero, Clannad, Fairy tail?

hears mine…
Garibel Dropout
Kobayashi~san no maid dragon
Nodame Cantabile*** i love this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
ReLIFE::this totally awesome… !!
Sakura Trick:: yuri
Youjo Senkai
Yowamushi Pedal:: :flushed:

this is pointless we have no admin approval

I’m back guys :smile: Sorry for dissappearing again. The weekly anime recomendation is great as I said before, but having a poll to decide is kinda impractical don’t you think? My main concern is who is going to create the list of anime to vote for? I mean we can’t have a poll with like 50+ anime choices right?

I think a better choice would be to have one moderator decide on a certain anime per week based on suggesions by other members and then write a small review about the chosen anime at the beginning of the week where people can join in and discuss about it.

Also, regarding airings, we will restart our weekly episode discussions for airings starting this week so we don’t have to include currently airing anime into the weekly anime reccomendations thread.

So what do you guys think? Is this way fine or do you guys have something better in mind? I’m open for suggestions :slight_smile:

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Fellow Nodame Cantabile fan? High five!

You have great tastes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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that’s a great idea :slight_smile: [quote=“Silver1704, post:62, topic:492”]
weekly episode discussions

how does that work exactly? Do we have one thread for all the episodes that came out that week or is it a “chosen anime only” thing?

Yes man …!! i watched it 3 times all the seasons …!!!

Cool :sunglasses: waiting for it

who isn’t a fan of Nadme Cantabille

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