Making Sri Lanka More Moe and recruiting more Otaku

My Fellow Otaku people, as u know anime is not that popular in SriLanka yet. And event if there are otaku here most of them dont know other otaku, they just enjoy anime and keep their thoughts to themselves. So we need to take action.Guys,I’m thinking of finding ways to promote this site??? That way we can get more people here. So please give me ideas(And BTW is it okay to campaign like this Silver 1704?)
I’m thinking of making a poster for this web. If any of u out there know their way around photoshop and stuff please try to make up a design we will discuss about how we distribute them after we get a decent Flyer. So please help us out. El Psy Kongroo…


I agree this is probably the doing of the organization :smiling_imp:. I’ll try my best to come up with some designs.
El Psy Kongroo.

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Hai!!! Try to make it mind blowing

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Yes. It is would be great if we can get this site promoted, and have more users! :raised_hands:
As someone part of the staff, I’ll support it :smiley:

@ChainKsword, btw there IS an alternative anime community at, but this site was created in hope of having more easier discussions because facebook does not not exactly have a proper UI for longer discussions.


Yo i have a school event next week so if you are able to find one this week it’d be great

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Definitely will try to deliver.

I think this is a great idea and I’ve been wanting to do something similar as well, but after the initial advertising we did after we first opened the website, we really couldn’t do much. I’m glad that even without it there are quite a few of you who use this place regularly :slight_smile:

As @da.loli pointed out, we do have an “alternative community” on FB. Actually this website was by da.loli and me who are admins of that FB group because we found Facebook inconvenient when trying to have proper discussion and also because we wanted an “official entity” to represent our community that is not some FB group. The FB group is actually very active and has over 1500 members of which more than 50 are very active, but making them switch to the forum is proving to be a hard task as they’re so used to Facebook. I guess our only option is to make this place somehow more appealing all the while advertising it more.

I’m actually very happy that you guys like this forum this much and are actually trying to promote it. It makes all the time we spent and hard work we poured into creating this place worth it :’)


Mochiron :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

here’s the poster we came up with, pretty basic design.


Yeah we need to do that :+1::blush:

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um… wouldn’t the logo pop out more if you float the bottom part to the left?

That’s actually a great banner. :smile:

But yeah, like @CatInATeacup said, the logo no the right side is not that visible. maybe move to left, or add a slightly opaque dark border behind it?

No Mate though it seems like its unclear its actually quite visible in the print so no prob

I can add a darker black gradient so its darker at the level where the logo is but fades towards the top.

I’m happy you all are doing your best for this . I’ll also think of a way to get more members here in panadura :blush::smile: hehe

probably… we need more otaku’s . In india there is only one convention in a year , but we need atleast 2-3 in Ceylon !!! , by inviting authors from all around asia …

uhmm , does it have any anime discussio & related topics ?

Mate u Indian?? Or are u a Sri Lankan from india???

BTW people lets say we get like a few more otaku from this operation we need to do something to keep them here so guys i know ur busy with ur lives and watching anime but try to regulary post and reply to other posts that would make things more interesting right??? What do yall think??

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Probably okay with it :+1: