Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice or is it The Shape of Voice? Google Translate says "Form Over" WTF?)


Guys I just finished watching the Horriblesubs version of Koe No Katachi. The Movie was Damn good and I was on the verge of tears on many parts. But I think that’s only because I’ve already read the Manga before watching the Movie. I think most people watching it for the first time would have a hard time connecting the dots. But Nonetheless I think it’s one of My Favorite titles so far (But at the same time I’m also sad and infuriated how it got a rating higher than Steins;Gate on MAL :cry: ). Also what do you think of The HorribleSubs?? For me it was ok…but I kinda expected more from it you know. I watched the subbed ver. at masterani.me and this was better, but not as much as I expected. Tell me what you guys Think of the Movie and the Sub.


Haven’t watched it yet (will watch it very soon!) but かたち(katachi) means shape/form. So the literal translation of ‘Koe no Katachi’ is ‘The Voice’s Shape’. But, the official english title is A silent voice, since that phrase sounds better in english maybe?


I absolutely loved it, it’s just one of those movies that truly bring out how great anime is…such a heartwarming and emotional anime. Also i think the HS version sounds nice “The Shape Of Voice”. Cause once you watch the movie the tittle makes a lot of sense.


Yep but still I do not approve it being rated as better than Steins;Gate


Bro why are you even comparing them? they aren’t related in the slightest :neutral_face:


I’m in that one of the very few people who aren’t that much fans of steins:gate so I’m with Koe no Katachi too…


You ARE from the Organization :smile:


Yah yah I know and to me it will always be the best but MAL decided Koe No Katachi was better


Koe no katachi VS steins gate:dawn of justice


Commence operation Verdandi :warning:


el psy congroo…(felt like saying that when i saw maddo scientist hyoouin kyouma)


This is because the ratings objective. They don’t technically mean anything. It only shows how many people liked Koe no Katachi, not how good it is. :sweat_smile:


Ahhhhh… I get it so technically Steins;Gate was not beaten by it!!!
:blush: yay


FMAB was no. 1 anime for a while and i would argue it’s position. I watched Steins;gate 4 5 times and it still gives me the feeling when I watched it for the first time. I mean Legend of Galactic Heroes is the holy grail of anime and its kind of bit far from the top. Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop , Revolutionary Girl Utena and etc which are generally considered the anime epics are not on top. So, MAL doesn’t really represent the actual opinion of it.


yah your probably right even I dont get why FMAB was on top till Kimi No Nawa