JRPG players unite

Any JRPG players?
If so what are your favorite series
For me it would be
Fire Emblem
Devil survivor
Any recommendations?
Also what is it you guys like about your favorite series’?
(at this point I feel guilty for making three topics lmao)


Hi hi.
I play quite a bit of JRPGS. Persona 3 has to be my fave even though it drags a bit at the end.

I’ve played Fire Emblem but not Devil Survivor. Is it good? ;_:

Also have you played Summon Night series? 5 is really nice and it has live 2d animation.

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I found a brother in arms (I am so sorry I just assumed your gender XD)
Yeap Devil Survivor 1 is a great RPG. It had a great narrative and a really cool premise, a lock down in Tokyo by the forces of heaven due to demons running wild. It’s a really old game I played it in seventh grade but its totally awesome.
I loved Persona 4. The player char was total Swag haha.
Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely check out summon night.
Never played Dragon Quest but I heard it was pretty good.

I’ve only played Tales of Zesteria, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Crisis core and DMC IV. Reccomend me some good JRPGs that run on PC?

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If you can get the DS emulator I recommend devil survivor and the fire emblem series but sadly I don’t know any JRPG for computer since i am a console peasant ;; tho you can count the Dark Souls series as a JRPG even tho it has a European setting and it’s bloody amazing.
I am current waiting for FF XV to properly enter that series haha I have only played type 0 so far. That had a pretty good story but the battle system was tedious

Thanks for the suggestions!, I don’t think I’ll like dark souls, looking for something less dark and bloody. I will try to get my hands on the ds emulator. In the mean time I’m planning on giving the hyperdimension Neptunia series a try.