Is it me or is this forum dieing?

I know that you guys have meetups and all that, And FB page seems to be thriving as well but somehow it feels that the Forum isn’t doing so well.

Yeah, I get ya. :disappointed_relieved: Most of the admin staff are busy with personal things these days to post/share too many things.

Although we are interested to maybe try out a discord channel instead of a forum :grinning:. What do you think your idea about that?

I suppose If we had more new active members… but you guys are right it would be better to set up shop somewhere there are more people. So a discord channel would be a good Idea. And I guess that you guys who made the forum must be sadder to let go than an average member like me. So I guess whatever your decision may be it will have more weight to it.

Though I would like for you guys to consider something, how many people who can’t read English or Japanese watch Anime or read Manga? and I don’t think people would watch unintelligible gibberish unless it’s hentai. making the anime watcher hentais by defaults in their eyes :smiley: is this truly okay?

Well, I know of some people who started anime through Hentai :sweat_smile:
They were far gone anyway :wink:

No, its just you…

Just joined, Hi everyone. Thought I’d sign up and see updates about LCC 2018? there’s no topic yet… So who’s going as who?

I think most people are like this LOL :smiley: Though they probably won’t accept it now.