Howdy. Why do you need 15 characters for a title?!

The name’s Manul. I’m the most uninteresting guy on the planet. I have been a fan of anime and manga for like 3 years, yet due to a shitsuren slow Internet Connection, I was only dwelling in the Mangaverse, while borrowing Naruto from a friend.

Then I watched Anohana…
…And cried.

Then I watched Kimi No Na Wa…
…And Cried.

Then I watched Spirited Away and Summer Wars…
…And cried tears of happiness.

You get the gist. Ever since then, I’ve been streaming, begging and stealing anime from people on a quest to see the very best, that no one ever saw. (Disfigured Pokémon Joke, anybody?)

I play Overwatch btw. So if anyone’s up to play, just send an request and PM me “Git Gud” so I’ll know you’re from here. :stuck_out_tongue:

That suffices as an introduction, I think? Hope to talk with all of y’all soon!


Anohana was awesome. btw did you cry during clannad if so during which part

I didn’t watch Clannad yet. I didn’t mention it. What do you mean?

Just wanted to know if you watched it
Plese do it’s funny and really emotoinal. It’s better than anohana

Will do. :slight_smile: Thanks for Dem recommendations.

You’re most certainly welcome :slight_smile: @Manual

Hi @Manual
Welcome to!
I know this is quite a late reply but better late than never I guess.
I started becoming a true anime fan in a similar fashion btw. I’ve been a Naruto and bleach fan since the 7th grade but then I on a flash of curiosity, watched angel beats… And cried. Then watched Clannad and again cried my eyes out. Ever since then I’ve been I’ve been walking the path of the otakusl :wink:
Also, I know this place isn’t the most active of places as of now but I’m working on some changes and brainstorming some ideas to make this place more active and initiate more discussions. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now but I’ve been so busy this month that I couldn’t find the time (partly because I watched anime in the little free time I had haha) but I hope you do stick around :slight_smile:
As of right now most of the activity still happens on our official facebook group Anims/Manga addicts Sri Lanka but we’re slowly working on shifting discussions to the forum.

PS: If you want anime come to one of our meet ups, we literally do nothing other than sharing anime and eating. Me and a few others even have anime collections which are several terabytes in size for people to leach from :wink:

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Sounds intriguing :3 I’ll try to be there.