How do you manage your downloaded anime and manga collection?

I know most of us download anime and manga off the internet. (let’s just skip the whole morality issue) And some of us may even keep them in a folder or something. It’s fine as long as you can remember all the names but when things get piled up over time, it’s kind of hard to remember all the names and facts (like did you finish it or is it incomplete etc) So, do you guys use any programs to manage these anime and manga? I mean one can use Calibre for manga and Plex or Xbmc for the anime.

I just remember somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

just ues MAL or Anidb with desktop client. I have no idea about calibre but i found Kodi(former XMBC) ineffective when working with anime. Since MAL offers incomplete status with variable degree you should have no problems with organizing your collection.

Yeah, ‘Brain Powered’ fr the win!
I usually read manga on my tab. I move chapters I intend to read from the download folder to the manga folder, and another to my tab, then delete it from the tab when i’m done…

Pretty much the same for anime, whatever I watch goes from the downloads folder to the series folder…

But I can see why mal would help… but i’m too lazy to keep updating…

@kuro_shinigami You are right, MAL and a coherent folder structure would have to do since setting up Kodi would be a pain

@maximus459 I do the same thing with manga, I just wanted to organize them so I can find them if I ever wanted to reread them

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