Hii Guuuyss! Hoping to meet some otaku peeps

OMG just discovered this site and I’m so excited!! :scream:

Even though the community looks small right know I’m sure we can make it bigger!

About me

  • currently studying graphic design in college

  • love watching anime.

  • I am watching sword art online, ballroon e youkoso, Samurai Champaloo and Fairytail .

  • I love love stories, and even started watching korean drama recently!

  • I’ve watched a lot of the major ones, but my all time favorites are Attack on Titan, Naruto:heartbeat::heartbeat: and Pokemon. :heart_eyes:

Feel free to reach out to me! hopefully we can become friends :yum::sweat_smile:


No offense but if your favorite anime is Naruto and Attack on Titan
I think you’ve missed out quite a bit
Look around you’ll find some amazing titles way past AOT
But anyway that’s just ma perspective
Nice to meet you

The fact that you think that we can make this community bigger fires me up

None Takeeenn!

I think I just liked the mainstream stuff because I grew up watching it!! and of course, male antagonists… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

looks at gaara :heart_eyes:

any recommendations for similar ones?

I guess
Bleach and Fairy Tail
Is good
Also Gintama

If you’re willing to try something not mainstream
Try Steins;Gate
Tokyo Ghoul
Your Lie in April

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Hi @trainermisty, welcome!!!


I’ve already watched Fairy Tail silly :rofl:

I’ve also watched Steins gate and Your Lie in April

Anyway, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll try watch one once I’m caught up on Boruto

Oh you watch boruto great!!!

Tell me what is in your opinion better nature or boruto
(Not naruto shippuden, I’m talking bout the baby naruto one)

Defs Boruto!!! :heart_eyes::yum::scream::blush:

The first 18 episodes (first arc) are kinda boring but the second arc where they discuss Sasuke :heart_eyes: is reaalllllllly good. :tongue:

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Boruto rocks!!

Hi Welcome to the forum

ohayo!..nice to meet you people