Highschool of the Dead Author Passes Away Due to Heart Disease

Daisuke Satō the legendary author who wrote with the pen in one hand and he pe*is in the other sadly passed away at the age of 52 due to heart disease :confused:

may he rest in peace

source: http://goboiano.com/highschool-of-the-dead-author-passes-away-due-to-heart-disease/

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Omg no one cares about the creator of eechi zombie harem :frowning: i miss saiko sempai

You hate High school of The Dead???

I love it .<3 no weeb will hate it…

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HOTD forever!!!

He wouldn’t continue HOTD anyway so him passing away isn’t that sad.:’)
But rest in piece.(Gomennasai for being rude :pray:)

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He really didnt need to continue HOTD because by now it like a classic one-season-only anime.

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@evilkeil you kidding about the ‘pen in one hand and p**is on the other’ … right???
As far as the anime I WANT A SEEASON 2 DAMN IT!!!

What is it gonna be about tho ?? “High school of the dead S2: We’re still f*cked”

Yeah something like that maybe they get some kinda silver lining

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there was a small teaser on the ova tho