Hibike! 2 Best Girl?

So, who is your best girl.

In the first season my Best girl was Asuka-chan,

After this,

Reina-chan become the Best,

After episode 4 of this season,

Mizore-chan is the Best,

Who is your best girl?

Season 1 was Reina-chan, hands down! :slight_smile:

But, this season, I feel that MC-chan is best girl. The reason is because of her personality, and her intimate relationship with Reina-chan:grinning:. I even think that she’s one of my favourite characters (read: waifu). But, beauty wise, she looks better when she wears a ponytail.

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Didn’t like MC-chan much in the first season. But she’s also growing on me.
Scenes like these just make me Hnnngggg… :heart:

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Also this is my favourite scene. It’s from episode 5, and it shows why Reina/Kumiko is best couple. \o/


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Yeah! Mizore-chan is being too cute on this scene as well… Seems like this season they stepped up the Yuri-ness… :heart:

And to think that I was going to drop Hibike thinking that it was another K-On! clone :sweat:. I would have missed all the “dorama”.

Hey! But K-ON! is the best slice of life anime ever… :smirk:

:smile: ya. That’s why I didn’t want a clone of it.

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