Hi there ! Pradeep here!

Hi there everyone, I’m pradeep one of the otaku around, looking forward to meet people with similar interest. Currently scanning this forum for more otaku talk :wink: :smile:

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Hi pradeep yorishuku
welcome to the community… :slight_smile:
what kind of anime do you usually watch

Hi there Shinigami, from your name i feel you’ve watched Death note or Soul eater (maybe other anime i didnt know)
I usually watch Dragon Ball (started with it watching DB super now), waiting for Attack on Titan season 3, Tokyo Ghoul season 3, I’m no 6 season 2, Code geass season 3, Boku no hero academia season 3 maybe even next season of Full Metal alchemist and other smaller ones

I’m currently watching Guilty crown, Mahoutsukai no Yome, nanatsu no taizai S2, DB super

I’ve watched Death Note, Soul eater, Future Diary, Beyblade and some more :wink:
How about you ?

Lastly I’m Pradeep Balaji, Currently a Full stack developer in Flap Tech Srilanka(startup) and I’m running my own small scale company in Singapore and India

I was actually amazed to know there are so many anime watchers in SriLanka

Thats great ive actually watched Death Note and kinda is the inspiration behind my name, as you suspected :sweat_smile:
Also, yeah most people think that the anime watching demographic of sri lanka is small and one of our main objectives is to make fans aware that there are other people with similar interest and grow the sri lankan anime community as a whole

Furthermore we have monthly meetups to share and talk about anime, if you are interested you can join us next time around Pradeep :smile: