Hi ! New member here!


Hiiii !

I’m Divino, and cuz of various reasons I prefer to keep my name irl to myself. I hope it’s not a problem.
I started watching Anime For Real Last year; Feb-22 to be exact.
And My First Anime Was FMA : B !^_^!

I’ve see a few anime before without knowing they were in fact, Anime
For instance, I watched Alice Academy when It was airing on TV without knowing it was an Anime. Tbh I didn’t even know there was a thing called Anime back then…

Even after finding out about Anime I hesitated to get into it…, Mainly cuz of two reasons ;

  1. Lip movement in Anime was Hard for the Western Animation watcher in me to get use to.

  2. Back then I thought, Anime was only Available in Japanese with no Sub or Dub…

But later I decided to give it a shot Cuz there was too much stuff related to Anime online and I kinda felt left out… So I searched for an Anime with best Score in Various sites and Found FMA : B…

That’s how I got into Anime…

Initially I thought there were no anime watchers here in SL. I believed that to be the truth until recently, when I joined a certain Discord server which had one or two Otaku at the time (Now there’s more :smiley:)
So after Leaning the That there are a considerable amount of Otaku in SL I started searching the Web for a SL Anime Community. I found one in FB but I don’t have an FB and not planning to make one in the future so After some good searching I found this !

And that’s all !
Thanks for reading
[My English isn’t that good but I hope you all can forgive me for that…]