Hi/Konnichiwa ,What's up anime.lk (Recommend Animes)

See my bio if you wanna know about me. I’m always looking for interesting anime so if you have got any, drop a reply :grin:

watch boku no pico…


lol ^^^ :joy: :joy:

i recommed u watch katekyo hitman reborn >> its a mainstream anime like dbz , fairy tail

Recommended 6/9

Watch Cat Soup.

Recently started watching Ajin. I’m so hooked! :smiley: If you’re looking into horror, mystery type then check it out :slight_smile:

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Ajin ha , One of the best animes i have watched…Watched it as it aired :grin:

ah! im just bit behind with seasons as i wait everything to end before i start the watching spree. And yes, its a really good series!

The characters in Ajin were really great! Specially the character of the MC, because it was so realistic.

I would recommend anyone watching Ajin to use SVP. Since Ajin is actually animated cgi, SVP smooths out it nicely. Using SVP, you can watch it at 60fps instead of the normal 24fps.

KM Player works great too :relaxed:

While watching Ajin i had the same vibe of Knights of Sidonia… then later realized both are done by the same production studio. No wonder its so good.

What’s “Knights of Sidonia” about?

Its Sci-Fi based story. I liked it. Two seasons with somewhere around 24 episodes as i can recall. I suggest you check it out. If you liked Ajin, theres a really high chance you might like it too. :slight_smile:

:sweat: SVP is not a player though, so you can’t actually say “KM player works too” when you don’t know what I was talking about.:sweat:

Note: you can use SVP with KMplayer though.

Added Sidonia to backlog. :wink:

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I see, I’m always interested in sci-fi so i think i might like it. But too many animes to watch at the moment so i’ll put it in my “To watch list” for now :grin::grinning:

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Oh sorry i didn’t realize that. Now i’m intrigued to look into SVP hehe :smile:

Sidonia no kishi ending was disappointing for me but its good up to some standards >>

Yes its not the cup of tea for everyone… agreed.

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