Hi everyone! Travis here

Binura and I wanted to create a platform for Anime fans after the Open Mic night, but Anime.lk has everything we talked about implementing (hope he’s on here and sees this), I just found out this forum existed after going through Afdhal’s post on the LCC group. Great to be on here and meet members.

I’m a fan of old anime, from the 90’s, rarely came across anime on SL TV channels but there was once a time when Sol Bianca actually aired on one of the channels (I must have been 10) and since then I’ve been a fan of everything Japanese. Akira and Ghost in the Shell are my all time two favorite flicks.

I cosplay, nothing anime/manga yet but did cardboard samurai in '16. Picking up with another franchise for LCC '18. Want to do Batou someday soon

Hit me up if you need any props or custom armor made, will be taking on orders after August. I build them with industrial thermoplastics (not Craft Foam, sadly no Worbla) found locally.

Best to all.


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Yup, this is the place I mentioned earlier too. On a completely different note, I didn’t know you make custom props :grin:

After August mate. Stuck with current build at the moment.


FINALLY I WON’t Feel all alone and old in this place.

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Hi Kashan… lets meet at Con

You, me and Devaka will have to meet for the heated debate…

…that’s not anime related…