Hey guys.... What's up.... ;)

Hey, I’m Tharindu. I’ve been dwelling in this forum for some time but still haven’t make an introduction.
So… Hello… I’m from Negombo. An Anime Otaku… and a hikikomori… FML…

I’m mostly interested in sci/fi, psychological, and action genres. And Idols. :wink:

I watch romance anime if story ends tragically :imp:
I watch around 10 anime series per season.

I posted on another post what are my fav. anime, but anyway here is my top 5, (copy pasta)

  1. Clannad ~After Story~ - LIFE
  2. Mushishi - Story Telling
  3. Steins;Gate - F**king SCI/FI king
  4. Koi Kaze - Real Love
  5. Hellsing Ultimate - F**king Awesome Vamps.

Also currently obsessed with Vocaloid music (and utaite too)…

Sena is my waifu…

Glad to see an active anime community in Sri Lanka…


Hey Tharindu,
Welcome to anime.lk :slight_smile: glad to see you active in the forum. As a fellow anime Otaku and hikikomori my dream is to one day unite the whole anime community here in SL under one banner, so we can brave the challenges riajuus throw at us together :stuck_out_tongue: who knows? One day we might even be able to host our own comiket right here in SL!

I too am obsessed with vocaloids (mostly Miku and Gumi though) and also am a huuge fan of J-POP/J-ROCK.

Since you said you like tragic anime I’ll end this post with a kawaii Kaori san

PS: Yozora > Sena :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Silver1704… Fellow Hikikomori and Otaku…
We might be able to host a comiket near future… Just look at Comic-con this year… :wink:

Hmm… I gotta watch “Your Lie in April” someday…

Blasphemy! How can Yosora be better than Sena… She’s a f**king bitch… :rage:

Hey Buddy! Welcome!

I am a normal dued-dy dude who is an “Otaku” for lack of a better term. Not a Hikka-whatchamacallit though.

I like lots of stuff. I don’t dislike much , other than bad art, animation and badly drawn over sized oppai .

I dont listen to much J-pop/rock and have almost heard no Vocaloid xD - Im more of an indie/soundtrack sorta guy.
Joe Hisaishi, Hiroyuki Sawano and a few others.

Also Yachi is the best okay?

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YOOOO!!! welcome !


Oh you did not just say that. Prepare for battle gentlemen. We’ve got a waifu war in our hands.



welcome welcome

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He he… Let me give you statistics,


If you like mean characters then Yozora is the way to go… She has done at-least one wrong deed to all characters in the story…
On other hand Sena likes games, and has a perverted side. So she is more relatable, and damn she’s hot (even though I’m a lolicon…)…

Comiket in SL getting exited just thinking about it :blush: