Hatsune Miku Angel Breeze Figurine Unboxing

I was able to get my hands on the original Japan imported Hatsune Miku Angel Breeze Figurine at the Yamato one Stall in Colombo Comicon. Thought I’d share my unboxing pics.


Nice… :heart:
How much did she cost?

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It was an open box so I managed to get it for 2.2K, Pretty cheap considering that the brandnews go for $37 on ebay.

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That’s awesome… Do they have a shop… Or only a circle @ comic con?

For now only a circle but they’re going to open a shop pretty soon in rajagiriya, in that new huge shopping complex that’s still under construction.

Maybe they should sell more open box stuff. :grin:

This was their business card. :card_index:


that detail, though!