[Fixed] Cannot Reset Password Via Email

Devs please look into this. I want to reset the password via email, but when I click the link that I have received in the email, I am being redirected to the following page:

We can recreate the issue. We’ll look into it

As a workaround, you can do this

In the url where it say “users”, you can change it to “u”


Meanwhile I’ll be checking why the autogenerated email has a wrong url

EDIT: Fixed

This is fixed now. Ended up being a translation template that we customized and forgot to update when we went from /users/ to /u/.

Looks like the link sent via email still does not work, but I was able to update the password using the instructions in the previous comment.

Yeah the old link wouldn’t work because it was incorrect. But if you did a password reset after the fix was made, it would have send you a new email. And that would have worked

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