Ending of Gundam IBO opinions

It was bittersweet as hell. Almost all gundam fans I know have already agreed the fact that the main characters are going to die.
But I’m glad two of the biggest hated characters of the series are killed off. Yes! Yes! Yes! Any Gundam IBO fan agree to this? Do you think that the ending could have been more better? Or do you hated the Anime once the death flags became noticeable among the characters?

Truth be told, I was hoping Tekkadan would win. They’ve turned the odds before after all. But at the end of the day, this anime became a lot like Akame Ga Kill (which I call the Game of Thrones of anime), where the main cast slowly started dying.

In the end, it was a bittersweet victory. As Kudelia said, it was ironic that the world they wanted was being built by Rustal. Was I happy that the main characters died? No. I fucking looked upto Orga Itsuka as an inspiration. But was I happy with the ending? Yes.

This was a Gundam show that went with a dark and more realistic approach to the story. Many tropes such as beam spamming and main characters getting plot armour -cough- Kira Yamato -cough- were thrown out of the window. Most importantly, they didn’t fuss over philosophy. There was a perfect balance of battles and story development throughout the series.

The 50th episode was a fitting end for an amazing journey that told the story of Tekkadan.

The devil Gundams have been slain, but the iron flower that is Tekkadan continues to bloom.

10/10 this was one of the best Gundam shows to take place in an alternate universe in recent years.

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PS: This was the best moment of the episode.

Iok’s death and Nobliss’s death are the greatest. As dedicated fans of the series we hated Iok to the core and Nobliss was that silent antagonist who existed even before season 1 .Both of their were deaths fulfilling but the ending did leave Tekkadan destroyed the two Gundam pilots buried six feet under and Rustal Elion winning through brutal conduct. Hence bittersweet but I’m happy to see most Tekkadan members managed to move on with their lives but Iron Blooded Orphans is one of those Gundam series where the ephonic statement “all is not well” is generally played Ride wasn’t able to cope up with reality and ends up becoming an assassin that’s so contrasting to his original character…
Best of all the parts of the ending is Akatsuki, that boy has the same stoicism as his father and that same bunny like cuteness as Atra. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: