Direct downloads, streaming and Nyaa links

Oh this is a very bad time for torrent sites as you all know so i was thinking we should make a list of all the DDL (Direct Download) sites available for anime. :slight_smile:

what i’ve been using ↓ ( you can DL the all the episodes at once ). ( u need to sign up but totally free)


Uwaa thanks! I’ve been searching for a site with DDL batch downloads~ :sweat_smile:

My go-to anime download site is usually

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Here’s what I use to get my stuff:

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I usually download using

Both has high amounts of ads and hi10 needs registration. animeout looks like a perfect replacement. Thanks!

horriblesubs seems to be the best for torrent DLs

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If nyaa is down I always go to -

and for high quality encodes -

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