Detective Conan or Kindaichi Case Files?

I try to avoid anime based on shounen jump manga because the system they use might actually make it harder for mangakas to add more depth into stories ,so often they seem very shallow, but I’m the biggest mystery fan, I’ll watch anything to do with mystery and enjoy it like how I enjoyed " The Perfect Insider" or “HaruChika” although they are not well received. So I wanted to know which classic should I watch first although I’ll watch them both eventually, I’ve already watched Detective School Q and 20 or so episodes in Conan, if I had to compare I’d say Detective School Q wins, but it’ll be unfair as there are about 800 episodes in Conan. Anyway so what do you think I should finish first, should i keep watching Conan or should i finish Kindaichi first, and if there are any other mystery anime please let me know, i just simply love them.

Hmm… I haven’t watched either of those. Maybe @SwissBiscuits can help?

But have you watched Hyouka or Another? Hyouka is a bit similar to HaruChika, while the latter is similar to “The Perfect insider”.


Perfect Insider and Haruchika remind me of Sakurako-san anime… uhh, I don’t remember the title but it was mystery orz and Bungou Stray Dogs is also sort of mystery? .w.

I watched them both, and Hyouka is one of my top 5 animes , I watched it more times than anything else, including movies, around 10 times or something.

I watched those two too :’’)