Colombo Comicon 2016 Afterthoughts and What's next

Colombo Comicon is over and boy what a ride it was. For the first time we had our own stalll and also a panel discussion!
The admins, the mods and everyone else hew helped out, thank you very much. I had a great time managing the stall with all of you!
Also, thanks to everyone who came to check us out, I met some really awesome people in the past 2 days. I hope you guys are enjoying all the anime you got :stuck_out_tongue:

With CCC finally over I’d like to breifly talk about what we are planning to do next. First up is to make more active. I haven’t been able pst here as much as I wanted to due to work but that changes now. We will once again try to encourage people to use the forum as much as we can. Also props to everyone who kept the forum active in the past month :slight_smile:

Another thing we noticed at CCC was that there were quite a few anime fans that didn’t know about or our FB page until they saw our stall. So, we hope to take even more steps to reach as many anime fans in SL as possible.

At last we would like your feed back on how to improve the site. Is there anything you would like us to add/change in the upcoming update? Maybe you dark minimalistic theme is too boring? Maybe more catogaries? Let us know below :slight_smile:


For the panel, I wanted to show this. But it felt a bit too much for mainstream audience. :sweat_smile:

And thanks everyone for participating / sharing anime. I know a couple of people didn’t have time to get all the anime. We’ll have meetups in the future to share them. :v:

I think we shdve focused a little bit more on why non anime fans shd try anime

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Promote, then develop. Sounds great!

Please don’t change the awesome black design, it’s easier to read things this way :slight_smile:

Black is too OP to be removed :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw I have a suggestion, separate “rules” and “news & announcement” part.

mind if i ask ur reasoning behind it?

  1. They aren’t really that much related , for an example this very thread got absolutely nothing to do with rules.
  2. Because of the former reason it’ll be a lot less messy.
  3. It’ll be convenient, you know like how reddit has rules in the very beginning.

hmm fair points but its not like we update the rues all the time.if we make another just for rules its just gonna rot.maybe if we made another one called events and move these to that itll get less messy?

I suggest that you expand your frontiers by going on other social media sites like Instagram and G+ without staying only on FB