Any Sri lankan Manga collectors?


Hi, even though reading Manga over decade I am recently got in to Manga collecting. Like to know any other Sri lankan Manga collectors.


@Azumi_Legoulas had some manga when I visited him. :smile:


in the begining i had 9 now its 4 minna plz return my mango


What are the Mangas you have?
I have 1to5 volumes of parasite and first 2 volumes of Lucifer and the Biscuit hammer


I have some random manga got from a bargain so need to collect the rest of each manga cuz except for othello all other manga are like 3-4 volume of the series


Are the manga in Japanese or do you guys have translated copies??


I have completed volumes of Tsutomu Nihei (the mangaka of Knights of Sidonia)'s Biomega, 3 of Satoshi Kon’s works, NonNonba, Onwards towards our noble deaths, Uzumaki and All you Need is Kill.

I haven’t purchased any other manga recently. Mostly because I can read them on Manga Rock.