Any recommendations for a good drama Anime

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for some Anime that falls in the drama category. And by ‘drama’ I’m not talking romance and yuri/yaoi or an Anime that is filled with so much pathos that drives all fan boys/ fan girls to cry while trying to explain the synopsis (I was referring to Clannad) what I’m after is a series that is compelling in story, plot, character and realism in both emotion and action. Recently I’ve watched Space brothers and I fell in love with the series but now I have to wait for months to read the manga.
Anyways guys I want a good drama Anime (it doesn’t matter if it’s a movie but I’ve watched Makoto Shinkai’s and Miyazaki’s films)

how about Anohana and Nana

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Nana is in my watch list. Also I’ve found Maison Ikkoku to be great as well. But I’m not going to pick Anohana as it has the relatively similar type of drama you can expect from Nagi no Asakura

if you haven’t watched these i urge you to give them a try revlutionary girl utena, Angel Beats, Paprika, Baccano, Onegai Sensei, Hitohira, Kino’s Journey,

To be blunt i think that Anohana,as a whole, is a much better anime than Nagi no Asakura.

After hearing a lot of whining pre-adolescents and ‘grown’ teenagers I managed to reach the final episode and say to myself “I’m never watching it again” although I did enjoy the dramatic aspects of the series I’m constantly annoyed by the frequent love triangles and the complaints of the bratty blue eyed kid and that tsundere

was it that fish flying one? remember downloading the pilot but haven’t had time to watch it, is it good? Anohana is great you’ll probably like it like everyone else :slight_smile:

‘Flying fish’? well Nagi no Asakura consists of two people in the world the common land dwellers (us) and sea dwellers (just like in spongeBob) who worship a living scale embodiment of their sea god. The story starts with a racial discrimination between these two races and then the story focuses on the individual characters and their feelings

I have watched most of these drama series. I particularly loved Kino’s journey, Angel beats was a good tear jerker, Baccano; I watched it while watching Durarara because they belong to the same universe (written by the same author Ryugo Narita) and Paprika.

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I just saw some jellyfish floating about the people, It wasn’t meant as an offense, It does sound interesting. I guess I should check that out :slight_smile:

Oh well let your curiosity guide you :sunglasses:

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dunno if you have watched following but i will list them.

  1. yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru (oregairu) and it’s second season
  2. hai to gensou no grimgar
  3. subete ga F ni naru ( this one is amazing. )
  4. psycho pass (second season might throw you away so advice you to watch the first one and leave the second one alone. or maybe watch it. depends on you.)
  5. joker game
    6, sakurako san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru
  6. hyouka
  7. kagewani (animation is kinda different from the usual ones but worth watching.)
    9, bakemonogatari and all monogatari series.
  8. kubiriki cycle - aoiro savant to zargototsuka (zaregoto)
  9. plastic memories.
  10. planetarian - chisana hoshi no yume. (this one is amazingly well done. be sure to watch this.)

I have watched the monogatari series I’m currently waiting for all the Kizumonogatari movies to be released. So I can watch them all at once.

I have watched some of the aforementioned Anime as well. But thanks. However some of these recommendations don’t fall under the category of drama. They do consist of partial substance of drama (for the same of plot) but it is not the main element of the Anime. For example Joker Game is a mystery historical (and ironically fictional) Anime based on the episodic accounts of a japanese espionage team. Psycho pass is an action paced detective series that has become a sensational Anime of being ‘deep’ (sorry for the condescending remark) but it’s far from drama that you can expect from real life.

Perfect timing!

i just finished watching one, and can definitley recommend it.


it’s MAL link :

Its about samurai, in an older time period. Its not about fighting or any of that jazz, but its about the characters and their pasts. how it haunts them and how they have to come to terms with it. Great, underrated show.
Unique art style ( which i love) and great characters.

Highly recommended!

some screenshots to give you a feel:

it’s something different, and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.!

I’ve watched this one too. I’m impressed by the different approach it has taken to dive into the world of the samurai. It doesn’t have a central plot and it’s main focus lies among characters. I’ve later realized the anime has a character driven plot.