Anime Manga Meetup: Episode 20 : To a New Venue with Blessings of MEGUMIN <3 (23/07/2017... {11:00 AM-05:00 PM} )

Its the time again for a new meet up , But this time its DIFFERENT … We moved to a new place

We are having our first Screening Session …
Ofc u can share animu and “EROGEf” on this meetup as well …
So what will be ur suggestions for Screening Will u prefer a Makoto Shinkai movie or Ghibli orrrr HH? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Back to Important stuff then…
About the new venue…
The meet up this time will take place in an auditorium at the Ecumemical Institute which can be hard to find so we’re meeting up at Domino’s (Havelock Town) and walking there. (less than a 500m walk).
New venue does not have a place to buy food so we will get food from domino’s
Herers the Agenda personally made by our pro perfect waifu dating planner @Silver1704
11:00AM - Meet up at Domino’s
11:30AM - Getting take away from Dominos and waking to the Ecumemical Institute.
12:00PM - 5:00PM - Watching anime on a big screen screen while sharing anime!!

Minimum Budget: The same Rs. 1000 is recommended, but if we group up and order it could be less. I’d suggest you stick to the 1000 this time around.

Since we are getting this place capable of holding a screening session free of charge, please do donate at least Rs.100 to the Institute.

And for General Rules
Be nice to fellow weebs
Take care of ur stuff
try to copy animu in small portions so others wont be bothered
… Most Importantly ENJOY
If u need to get directions or ask anything call this guy 076 3023745 (Shalila… P,S no idea who dis tho)

P.S : the location of domino’s -

X is Domino’s. O is meetup/screening place.