Anime Manga Meetup: Episode 17 Lets Be Friends! (21/05/2017)

Minna-san its already been a month… AND its the time for meetup again <3 … So everyone who missed last month meetup dont miss this .
Show up and meet fellow otaku and talk about what u watched/watching or reading to heart content…
Psst… U can get airing anime if u come
One last thing to say…
OK then i hope i can meet y’all on Sunday
Date: 21/05/2017(Sunday)

11:00 A.M meet up at jawatte KFC (
11:30 A.M share stuff as much as you want

Keep In Mind
Bring money for your food (its KFC 1000rps is more than enuf)
Be nice to fellow weebs :slight_smile:

Arigato Gozaimasu for the News!!!
Will Get it Now like right now

Will be there, does anyone have "Your Name " yet though …i mean like good quality? at least 720p ? :grin:

Wait for BD. Don’t settle on WEB-DL. :grin:

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I have shape eke good quality one :slight_smile:

Well yeah but any idea how much longer we have to wait??? :tired_face:

If you come to the meet up, show it to me :relaxed:

The best quality out there is probably 720p so we’re gonna have to wait till this July for 4K

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