Anime Manga Addicts Meet Up: Episode 16 (23/04/2017)

So I think most of the nakama here are members`` of Anime Manga Addicts Sri Lanka … But just in case if your not , here’s a ideal news for you we are having weeb meet ups monthly … Mostly in 3rd week of every month (4th week if there’s 5 weeks)… So that’s it for the story up to current episode
And here we are at 16th episode… Sh*t I think I talked too much … I’ll keep the rest short >.<

Date: 23/04/2017(Sunday)

11:00 A.M meet up at jawatte KFC (
11:30 A.M share stuff as much as you want

Keep In Mind
Bring money for your food
Be nice to fellow weebs :slight_smile:
Bring me good stuff to copy from y’all :’)


Does anyone have naruto?

I download, Watch and then delete :grinning: :yum:

why though? Isn’t pretty much the same as watching online.

Different fetishes heh

Lol yes pretty much but , there’s a huge time delay in most cases between downloading and watching

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yep some time when online watching reeeeallyy sucks when signal low…!!

im gone come in next time be readyyyy…

You mean we get downloads before online sites i thought both were released pretty much together :smile:

When will the next meeting be held?

I mean if they stream it we can download it right?

No as in stream sites and actual proper encoders. Not downloading from stream sites.

I get it

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