Anime/Manga Addicts Meet up Episode 13/ALK episode 1 : Remu is NEET Bait

Hi everyone!
Anime/Manga Addicts Sri Lanka - the main FB group affiliated with is holding its 13th meet up this coming Saturday (November 5th). This is also the first meet up since the birth of!

You can find the event page here:

Since Anime/Manga addicts is a closed group you have to be a member of the FB group to see the event it seems. If you’re not a member of our FB group please consider joining here:

In case you are not on FB here are the details of the event:

Date and TIme:
Saturday, November 5th from 11AM till 4PM

KFC at Jawatte Road.

Here’s the quick summary I extracted from the event page. (courtesy to @SwissBiscuits)

We haven't had an official meet up in a while.
It's also a few birthdays of some of our admins so FREE CAKE. (Maybe).
So here's a quick agenda;
11:00 AM - Meetup at KFC Jawatte
11:30 AM - 4PM - Share as much anime as you can!
There's no specific time for food. Normally we wait for everyone and then slowly order food or not.
Minmum Budget: It's KFC. So Rs. 1000 would be more than enough.
Please do buy something because it isn't nice. :3
Standard Rules as always:
1.) Don't be creepy
2.) Try to be on time as normally everyone orders together. :)
3.) You are responsible for all your hardware.
4.) Feel free to share and talk about whatever you like. From seasonal to yaoi to whatever. It''s what the group is here for. ♥.
Feel free to PM any of the admins for directions, or for a general idea of how the meet ups go, if you're too shy etc;. :)

Hope to see you all there folks!


Man would have loved to come but sigh I am not available on the 5th.

@Waifufag69, well, maybe next time. :slight_smile:

Definitely hahahahahaa :smile:

Awesome im definitly coming. This is my first time so bear with me if i go little crazy