Overhaul Project

Hello Everyone!
So I will be finally getting some free time and after disucssing with the others at todays meet up I thought now is the best time to start this. The official “make Great again” aka Overhaul Project project.

I plan tor revise everything ranging from the theme, design all the way to our promotion strategies.
Since I’m mainly in charge of site design and theming I will first be working on those areas. So I need your ideas/feedback/critsism and whatever else that might help me make this place more appealing.

Also as people said on this thread, weekly articles/corners would also help the site be more active much like the weekly episode discussions we had at the beginning. So any ideas on that are also welcomed.

Once thats done we’ll move onto other aspects one by one. So please lend me your help guys :slight_smile:


Site main theme and aspect need to be redisinged… I think some lighter colors or at least some tone difference between the main and aspect colors would be nice :sunglasses:


Well i already gave you my ideas , Hehe :grin:

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how about the ability to change the color theme to suit individual preferences? some of us might like black, some of us like blue so on. so how about letting each user select what color pallet he/she would like to see in the website? in the preferences i didnt see any option to change the color theme so adding one would be nice. another way is changing the theme to suit each anime season. spring would be blue and green mix, autumn would be orange, red and yellow mix so on. i would also like to see a background pic in the site. when you login to the forum a nice pic instead of color would be nice. just like how it is in windows. just something to think about. i will get back here when i have more ideas!


can’t we like change our Usernames ???

i think u should put someone in charge to create weekly episode discussions on airing anime … i think weekly episode discussion is the advantage of the forum against FB :sunglasses::smiley:

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Try to make it more eye catching. Put some pics on background without a blank color. Furthermore the weekly anime would be nice. We should all watch an anime and discuss about it. It could be new or old cause some old anime like Steins;Gate are masterpieces and won’t hurt to watch again

Agreed, while my original plan was to go to a minimalist google material like design it IS a bit too plain I guess. I will try to make it more vibrant without hurting the minimalism too much.

You mean something like the customization they allow in myanimelist? Hmmm maybe I can add customization to individual profile views but adding site wide user customization will be hard and will probably cause a lot of compatibility issues.

Yes I’ve been thinking of ways to implement both of these. Colour pallets to suit each season would be great to keep the site fresh. As for back ground images, while I do think it’s a great idea it’s hard to find images that don’t make the text impossible to read at places due to changes in colour and all. Also as people have displays with different resolutions and even mobiles, a pic that would look good on one device won’t necessarily look good on others. I’ve been trying to find some high quality vector anime wallpapers to go around this. I’ll keep y’all updated in the process!

@da.loli what you say?

Agreed, will start this again from next season.

Yep weekly random anime discussion corner coming up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight guys keep em coming ! Working on these as fast as I can.

Well… we can support that. But currently, only admins can change usernames. :sweat_smile:

The reason for this is because changing a username breaks all the previous @ mentions. If we allow it for all users, and a lot of people change it, the @ mentions won’t point to anywhere. Just pm me or @Silver1704 if you want to change your username. :disappointed_relieved:

While i do think that a seasonal themes or touches (like the alk logo with a Christmas hat) is a good idea i don’t think that allowing customization would be a good idea because then the site would lose the identity it had created for itself and loses the personality that is given to it by the admins… if you now what i mean.

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I do want to change my username but its no biggie :stuck_out_tongue: I used the facebook sign up cuz I’m too bored, now I’m stuck with it.

Hey hows the Project coming???

Will post a fully detailed progress report tomorrow or on Sunday! :slight_smile:
So far I’ve come up with a few designs and can’t choose between them. I might out a vote if I can’t decide by tomorrow.

Alright so here’s a small progress update:

New design is almost done but still needs a bit more polish and tweaking.
Got rid of inconsistent bits of CSS code which caused some minor bugs in the UI, so new design will not only look better it will also work better.
Logo designing contest was created to decide on a new logo.

Still to do:

Refresh the categories and sub catogeries by merging similar ones and creating new ones accordingly.
Adding more customization to user profiles.
Redesigning the ‘plus’ button used for creating new topics

Alright so this is a breif summary of what’s done and what’s to be done. I’ll post a full change log at the end of the project.

Planning to complete the project by the end of the logo contest and unveil the new site after that.

PS: What catogeries do you think should be added or merged?


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